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Family owned since 2007.
Family owned since 2007.

Sennelier Half Soft Pastel Set of 80 Assorted

Original price $321.65 - Original price $321.65
Original price
$321.65 - $321.65
Current price $321.65

80 assorted half stick soft pastels

Set contains the following colours
Colours may vary267Brown Lake732Turquoise Blue256Viridian771Night Blue 412Cassel Earth504Blue Grey Green 252Viridian710Steel Blue 158Bronze Green Deep366Cobalt Violet 148Lawn Green388Ultramarine Deep 191Hot Brown464Intense Blue 760Baryte Green353Cobalt Blue 406Van Dyke Violet468Intense Blue 751Cinnabar Green391Ultramarine Deep 791Chinese Vermillion730Turquoise Blue 754Cinnabar Green356Cobalt Blue 233Chromium Green264Cerulean Blue 780Persian Red 621Saphire Blue 231Chromium Green713Steel Blue 782Persian Red288Prussian Blue 205Apple Green257Cerulean Blue 920Coral500Blue Grey Green 904Nickle Yellow179Black Green 037Orange Lead409Van Dyke Violet 901Nickle Yellow722Turquoise Green 930Nastertium Orange481Purplish Blue Grey 603Lemon Yellow 347Cinerous Green 681Helios Red439Van Dyke Brown 600Lemon Yellow763Baryte Green 083Vermillion400Mouse Grey 198Cadmium Yellow Orange512Raw Sienna 378Madder Carmine479Purplish Blue Grey 099Naples Yellow453Olive Grey 944Magenta Violet115Yellow Ochre 297Cadmium Yellow Light239Olive Green 940Magenta Violet016Flesh Ochre 341Bright Yellow449Olive Grey 333Blue Violet104Mummy 127Golden Ochre213Reseda Grey Green 795Chinese Vermillion061Bistre 462Burnt Sienna168Moss Grey Green 525White508Raw Sienna 006Red Brown764Baryte Green 513Ivory Black212Reseda Grey Green

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