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Family owned since 2007.
Family owned since 2007.

Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Rolls

Original price $517.95 - Original price $1,147.00
Original price $517.95
$440.25 - $1,147.00
Current price $517.95
Type: 300gsm - 1.4x10m - Coldpress - Traditional White

Fabriano Artistico Enhanced Watercolour Rolls are ideal for professional watercolour artists, or artists of any level, who are looking to create larger scale watercolour artworks. The rolls feature 10 metres of mould made high-quality paper that is produced with 100% cotton and is soft to the touch. 

Fabriano Artistico Enhanced Watercolour Rolls boast improved durability, allowing you to remove colour using a wet brush, perfect for modifying artworks and adding highlights to your piece. The paper is also more resistant to scrubbing and scratching due to the long fibres used in production.

Vegan friendly, the Fabriano Artistico Enhanced Watercolour Rolls are sized internally and externally using plant-based sizing for excellent absorption of colours and allowing overlaying washes in vibrant colour. The watercolour paper is chlorine and acid-free, ensuring preservation of your artwork over time.

Fabriano Artistico Enhanced Watercolour Rolls are a versatile surface option, suitable for artists using watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink, charcoal, graphite, pastels or even printmaking!


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