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Family owned since 2007.
Family owned since 2007.

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Set 12x20ml

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$31.90 - $31.90
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Atelier Interactive changes the conventional, acrylic painting process because the paint does not form a skin.

You now have plenty of time to blend the paint and develop your painting aesthetically. No other acrlic has offered such versatility and creative freedom before.

With Atelier Interactive the artist controls the drying speed and has access to wet-in-wet blending with plenty of time to develop and alter their painting

Colours: Napthol Crimson, Transparent Perinone Orange, Arylamide Yellow Light, Arylamide Yellow Deep, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine Blue, Dioxazine Purple, Pthalo Green, Perm. Green Light, Carbon Black, Titanium White. 

12 x 20ml tubes.


Made in Australia

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