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Family owned since 2007.
Family owned since 2007.

Art Spectrum Soft Pastels 30 Set Assorted

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Art Spectrum® Artists’ Soft Pastels Box Set of 30

Art Spectrum® Soft Pastels provide artists with colours that are pure and brilliant. The highest quality pigments sourced from around the world are triple milled at maximum concentration producing smouldering darks, intense pure colours and a range of subtle and delicate tints.

Art Spectrum® Artists’ Soft Pastels Box Sets contain 30 Standard Pastels – 70mm x 12mm

Colours include:
Titanium White 500P Ultramarine Blue 526N
Lemon Yellow 502T Ultramarine Blue 526P
Spectrum Yellow 504P Spectrum Blue 524T
Spectrum Orange 506P Blue Grey 527P
Coral 507P Indigo Blue 534V
Spectrum Red 508P Aust Leaf Green Blue 578T
Spectrum Red 508T Grass Green 573P
Spectrum Red Deep 510P Phthalo Green 570P
Crimson 512P Greenish Umber 579T
Crimson 512X Yellow Ochre 540V
Flinders Red Violet 517P Light Red 546T
Flinders Red Violet 517V Burnt Sienna 548P
Flinders Blue Violet 520N Caput Mortuum 554T
Flinders Blue Violet 520V Warm Grey 584T
Jacaranda 522T Lamp Black 599P

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